Antiques in Brussels

Flea market in Brussels Posted by admin Thurs, 12/04/2012 - 4:38 Flea markets around the world Currently antique business is growing rapidly. In a world where every day there is a huge number of people buying and selling vintage antiques . Every day there are new antique stores and shops where you can easily purchase genuine antiques such as antique silverware, jewelry, furniture, or any other variety of antiques. But there are in the world and other places where the process of buying and selling antiques. These places are called flea markets and their number in the world is huge. However, there are flea markets that are well known and popular among the lovers of antiques in the world. One of these markets is a flea market in Brussels , located in the "Place du Jeu de Balle" - it is the center of Brussels. This market is really huge in size and hits a huge choice of a wide variety of antiques . Works database market daily from morning until dinner . This flea market is also known for being on it some of the lowest prices for antiques in the world, as well as the possibility of

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