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Welcome to a world where the spirit of the past and present .

elegance and style that through time carried their individuality, are available for you .

It attracts not only the material value of antiques . The acquisition of antiquities brings moral satisfaction and aesthetic pleasure. Antiques - the perfect gift that can express all your love and respect to the person . And finally, it is a fascinating hobby, causing excitement and raising a taste.

On our site you will find a variety of antiques . As the representation of collectibles and investment privlekatelnosti.Oni can make a unique gift , or your own trophy in an exciting hunt for rarities .

All items displayed on the site were examined and the attribution of an art critic , a certified expert on antiques , have state certification and work experience in the antiques market for over 20 years .

Prices are in euros. Payment in rubles at the exchange rate of the MICEX .

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